EasiFlo Flow Regulator Set

EasiFlo Flow Regulator Set

EasiFlo is an admin set used for the delivery of low risk, non-viscous clear infusions. It is simple to install and delivers your infusions with a graduated flow rate of 5-250ml per hour with an accuracy of +/- 10%.

The Flow Regulator is a two handed operation offering security and it's silicone joint allows for continuous and precise flow control.


  • The Flow Rate should be verified by drop counting
  • The regulator has been calibrated for normal parenteral solutions. It should not be used with blood, blood products or glucose solutions above 10% or lipid emulsions.

Feedback from Current Users of this product:

"It is less expensive than pump consumables for hydration, delivery of anti-biotics and potassium based infusions"

"It's great for subcutaneous infusions where patients, particularly the elderly, have poor venous access."

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EF-300 EasiFlo Admin Set with Precision Flow Regulator
Macrodrip IV Set with Flow Regulator BMS Code: EF-300 NPC Code: FSB952 Pack Size: 50          
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