Scan4Safety, GS1 and PEPPOL


In 2017 there was an announcement by NHSSC that customers and suppliers should use GS1 barcoding standards and transact via PEPPOL.
The Department of Health’s ‘eProcurement’ strategy lays out changes that will improve patient safety, drive efficiencies and achieve savings. A key element of this strategy is the adoption of common global standards as such the DH established Scan4Safety programme.

Following attendance at several P4H Events and talking with leaders in the Scan4safety programme we have successfully implemented trading via PEPPOL which enables us to accept orders from NHSSC and send invoices back using the PEPPOL network.

We have also worked closely with GS1 to barcode our products to the 2D Matrix standard that allows for hospitals to become more efficient and manage stock to reduce costs.

The technology allows for further benefits as listed below

We hope our implementation will contribute to patient safety and help the NHS meet its financial goals.

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