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Our range of PE/PVC Extension lines with optional clamp and anti-syphon valve

Our co-extruded lines are constructed from PE/PVC and offer the benefits of both materials. The inner PE (Polyethylene) layer is compatible with all commonly infused drugs and solutions. The outer PVC (Polyvinylchloride) layer is soft and flexible allowing easy placement of the line and allowing it to be clamped when necessary. The 1.0mm internal diameter ensures minimal priming volume and optimal drug delivery whilst the 2.5mm outer diameter provides a flexible yet kink resistant line.
The rotating luer lock ensures secure fixation of the line during the infusion. The addition of an anti-syphon valve, which requires a pressure >150mm/Hg to allow fluid flow through it, reduces the risk of syphonage.
Every single line is pressure and leak tested to ensure trouble free operation.